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DTP Human Tumor Cell Line Screen

NCI 60 Cell One-Dose Screen

General Description: As of early 2007 all compounds submitted to the NCI 60 Cell screen are tested initially at a single high dose (10-5 M) in the full NCI 60 cell panel. Only compounds which satisfy pre-determined threshold inhibition criteria in a minimum number of cell lines will progress to the full 5-dose assay. The threshold inhibition criteria for progression to the 5-dose screen was selected to efficiently capture compounds with anti-proliferative activity based on careful analysis of historical DTP screening data. The threshold criteria may be updated as additional data becomes available.

Interpretation of One-Dose Data: The One-dose data will be reported as a mean graph of the percent growth of treated cells and will be similar in appearance to mean graphs from the 5-dose assay. The number reported for the One-dose assay is growth relative to the no-drug control, and relative to the time zero number of cells. This allows detection of both growth inhibition (values between 0 and 100) and lethality (values less than 0). This is the same as for the 5-dose assay, described on For example, a value of 100 means no growth inhibition. A value of 40 would mean 60% growth inhibition. A value of 0 means no net growth over the course of the experiment. A value of -40 would mean 40% lethality. A value of -100 means all cells are dead. Information from the One-dose mean graph is available for COMPARE analysis.