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Quick Reference Guide
Where do I go if I need
Samples for my research
    Individual compounds, compound libraries, natural product extracts, animal and human cell lines, biologic reference reagents
Routine screening for my compounds
    In vitro cell line screen,
Preclinical discovery and development resources
    THe NCI Experimental Therapeutics (NExT) Program,
Downloadable data
    In vitro 60 cell line results, in vitro anti-HIV results, Yeast assay, 200,000+ chemical structures, molecular targets, microarray data
I need more information about how DTP conducts
In vivo testing
Biopharmaceutical production
Pharmacology and toxicology testing
Clinical batch production
Can DTP help me if
I would like to see if NCI is interested in testing my agent in an NCI-sponsored clinical trial (DDG)
What if DTP doesn't have what I need, is there any other part of NCI that can help?
NCI Research Resources
I still have questions about DTP
Call (1-240-276-5941) or e-mail our Help Desk (